Microsoft USB Flash Drive Manager

Microsoft USB Flash Drive Manager 1.0

USB Flash Drive Manager is a flash device special data management utility
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Owing to flash drive’s increased capacity, nowadays it’s very popular to use this device. USB Flash Drive Manager is a flash device special data management utility. It may be very useful for many users. USB Flash Drive manager will help you to transfer necessary data from one PC to another. The utility synchronizes flash drive and hard drive of PC with ease. It helps to create backups recorded on the flash drive and restore data from these copies. Copy and backup files, restore backup images from your hard disk (great for standard copying of the same image onto multiple flash drives, too), edit the properties of the drive, put the Flash Drive Manager binaries on the drive, save your wireless network settings to the flash drive for deployment to other computers, etc. It's pretty cool. You’ll be able to deploy multiple copies of the same USB Flash Drive image and to update them periodically. This utility will allow you to keep a standard library of flash drive images to let you restore a single image to a whole slew of drives very quickly and easily.
USB Flash Drive Manager is for Windows XP only. This program requires Microsoft .NET Framework. (Note that .NET Framework is included in Windows XP. It is recommended to update to the latest version).

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  • Copy, backup and restore tools
  • Image library keeping
  • Easy and quickly data transfer
  • Multiple copies deploying and updating


  • For Windows XP only
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